Medical care



A pediatrician is a specialized physician providing medical care to children from birth to early adulthood (in the Czech Republic, until the age of 19). Pediatricians treat medical issues, but also provide preventive medical care. Pediatricians additionally provide children with vaccinations and immunizations in accordance with the national program of compulsory vaccinations. 

The role of a pediatrician is irreplaceable in the healthy development of a child. The pediatrician helps detect and prevent negative issues connected with the process of growing up such as behavioral problems (ADHD, ADD disorders), developmental problems such as learning disabilities, and other psychological and physical issues.


※ Pediatricians at Unicare Medical Center provide clients with:

  • An individualized and respectful approach to each child patient
  • Comprehensive examinations, preventative care
  • Regular medical check-ups
  • Acute medical care
  • Diagnosis and treatment
  • Immunizations in accordance with the compulsory vaccination plan
  • Optional vaccinations
  • Ongoing medical care, tracking development of the child
  • Consulting and counseling (parental education, breast feeding and others)
  • Inter-disciplinary medical care
  • Communications with family members in their native language


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