When yoour body says "enough"

When yoour body says "enough"

Linda, can pursue her profession of a lawyer which she loves, thanks to a good relationship with her grandparents. She is financially secured, together with her husband. Everybody in the family is healthy. They are doing sports, traveling, doing everything they did before having kids and establishing a family. It just requires some planning to be able to cope logistically with two children, but all seems fine. 

Wednesday afternoon, Linda goes to town. One child is at the grand-parents, the other is in school. She attends a working meeting without any complications and now she is waiting for a nice meeting with her colleagues. In order to shorten her way to the café, she walks through the shopping center. She realizes how her back hurts. For a moment she sits on a bench and tries to find a drink in her handbag with no success. She rises again with the intention of buying one in a newspaper stand that is nearby. Suddenly her head gets dizzy. In the last minute, she leans on the shop window and lands on the ground. Her heart is pounding quickly and she feels breathless. She trembles and loses consciousness. She is panicking. “I'm dying”, she thinks.

The ambulance brings Linda to the hospital, where she follows various examinations. But none of them will show any illness and Linda is sent home. Moments of unbearable anxiety associated with the feeling of dying repeat three times over the course of the month. Linda loses her self-confidence and is afraid to leave her house. After attacks, she is so tired that she stays in bed for days. She has already accepted the idea that she has a psychiatric diagnose, when she learns about psychosomatic therapy. Within two days, he enters the psychosomatic ambulance and tells her story.

Linda takes the path to healing. She is acquainted with the fact she suffers of a panic attack and this disease is not life-threatening. Seizures of intense fear and internal disorientation occur seemingly without an apparent cause. Number of people who suffer from panic disorder has increased in recent years. Most of them are individuals exposed to excessive stress. Linda is informed about treatment options and leaves the therapy center with new hope and energy to fight her illness.

What are the symptoms of panic attack

  • Fear of death
  • Difficult illness
  • Increased heart rate
  • Sweating
  • Trembling
  • Dry mouth
  • Chest and neck welding
  • Accelerated breathing and difficulty in breathing
  • Feeling sick
  • Dizziness
  • Muscle tension,
  • Increased blood pressure
  • Hot or cold flashes

Other symptoms of panic disorder include the fear of places where the victim experienced a strain of fear and even "fear of fear" as such.

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