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Psychosomatic medicine is a specific domain of medical science concerned with interactions between somatic (body) symptoms and psycho–social context.

Psychosomatics reflects the fact that every physical function or dysfunction affects a person’s psychological setting and/or social surrounding; conversely, our mental state has a direct influence on our bodily functions. In medical science, these two parts of a person’s existence have been usually separated, enabling great technical advancements in medical technology and knowledge. However, in an everyday context, these two entities are not separated at all, but are in a constant and intensive exchange of information. Psychosomatic medicine pats attention to this fact, and offers a holistic medical approach to treatment. In this sense, psychosomatic medicine truly puts into practice the bio-psychosocial model of health and illness.

Psychosomatic medicine — what is it good for?

If you suffer from any chronic health condition that does not respond properly to ordinary treatment, you may be suitable for psychosomatic treatment. Symptoms may include all kind of pains (often headache, back ache, abdominal pain, joint ache, etc.), functional disorders (such as constipation, diarrhea, feeling of dyspnea, feeling hot or cold, skin sensations, heart beat disorders, sexual dysfunctions), skin conditions (eczema, recurrent skin infections, resistant acne), general symptoms (fatigue syndrome, chronically elevated temperature, weight gain or loss), and many more. Generally, any symptom can be seriously influenced by psychosomatic factors. The primary consideration for the patient is that the usual treatments do not resolve the symptoms, or that other physicians cannot even make a correct diagnosis. These two conditions are usually seen in patients who may benefit greatly from psychosomatic treatment.

We offer the following medical services:

  • Diagnostic evaluation of medical conditions possibly of psychosomatic origin;
  • Psychosomatic counselling—evaluation of possible treatments;
  • Individual medical counselling;
  • Review of past medical reports or examinations;
  • Education on lifestyle and relationships from a psychosomatic perspective.



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