Sore wrists from working at the computer? So-called mouse syndrome needs to be addressed immediately.

Sore wrists from working at the computer? So-called mouse syndrome needs to be addressed immediately.

Working on a computer is becoming more and more widespread nowadays. Whether for work or personal use, more than 80% of people in the Czech Republic alone spend time on the computer daily.

However, only some people use an ergonomic keyboard or mouse with their computer. As a result, we often repeat the same movement at an unnatural angle. And because our bodies are not used to this type of strain, sooner or later, pain can occur.

Many people suffer from mouse syndrome, carpal tunnel syndrome, and tendonitis. These problems occur when working with a computer mouse for long periods when the hand is in the wrong position.

However, wrist pain should not be underestimated. If left untreated, they can cause irreversible damage to the hand.

The most common manifestations of carpal tunnel include:

-tingling of the fingers or the whole hand,

-stiffness of the wrist,

-pain that can shoot up to the elbow or shoulder.

However, tendonitis does not have to occur only when a mouse is mishandled. The risk also arises from other activities where the wrist is disproportionately stressed. These activities include, for example, playing a musical instrument, gardening, continuous manual work (for example, behind a conveyor belt in a factory), etc.

How mouse syndrome can be treated

This disease can be treated surgically or conservatively. In the conservative approach, the main thing to do is to reduce the load on the hand, take regular breaks when working on the computer and, if necessary, support the hand with, for example, a brace. Poultices, rehabilitation exercises, and specific stretching and strengthening of the muscles are also important in the healing process.

If these methods do not work, surgical treatment is recommended. It is very effective, but it´s followed by approximately one month, during which it is necessary to keep the arm at rest and not put any strain on it. Of course, the patient must change his habits and avoid those that brought about the syndrome.

In case your hand only occasionally tingles or becomes stiff, you can focus on exercising your hand at home for the time being. However, if the wrist pain wakes you at night, it is best to seek a specialist, specifically a physiotherapist.

They will determine the cause and extent of your difficulties based on an examination and recommend the appropriate treatment.