How to prevent back pain

How to prevent back pain

Back pain is, unfortunately, a common problem that affects many people. Poor body posture, lack of exercise, and overloading of the upper body are the main causes of this unpleasant condition. However, there are several ways to prevent back pain while keeping it strong and healthy.

Proper posture

It may sound cliché, but proper posture is the foundation of back pain prevention. When we sit, stand or walk, we should ensure that the spine remains as straight as possible (considering its natural curvature). An ergonomic chair and desk that supports the spine's natural position are helpful when working in a sedentary job. 

If you often work on a computer, having the monitor at the right height is essential to avoid overloading the cervical spine, ideally at eye level.

Keeping your head upright and shoulders relaxed is essential when standing and walking. It is as if you are trying to pull your head away from your body. Avoid pushing your shoulder blades together; this will only push your chest forward.

Back exercises

In addition to correct posture, another preventive measure is regular exercise to strengthen the back muscles. Pain is often caused by permanently overloading a particular group of back muscles. These then develop cramps and especially the pain caused by their strain. By strengthening other back muscle groups, you will acquire the correct posture, and at the same time, it will be easier and more natural to maintain.

Examples of suitable exercises are:

Plank: Lean on the ground on your elbows and toes. Keep your elbows under your shoulders, tighten your stomach and keep your back as straight as possible.

Roof: Create the shape of a triangular roof by placing your palms on the ground, lifting your buttocks and placing your feet at a comfortable distance Your knees may be slightly bent. With your hands push against the ground.

Cat's back: Alternating positions on all four limbs, hunch over, and afterwards bend again.

Bird dog: Again, in the ground position on all four limbs, extend the opposite arm and leg horizontally.

When you decide to exercise, it is undoubtedly advisable to exercise regularly and correctly to avoid overloading the muscles or, worse, injury.

Preventing back strain

To prevent back strain, try to distribute the load evenly. If you carry heavy objects, carry them close to your body and avoid excessive bending or lifting by sudden movement. Lift heavy items with a straight back and from a squat, not a stoop. When working sedentarily, getting up regularly and stretching your muscles is advisable to prevent stiffness.

When back pain does occur

If back pain does occur, do not underestimate the condition and seek medical attention. Physiotherapy, massage or chiropractic care can help relieve the pain and, most importantly, restore mobility to your spine. If the pain is severe or lasts more than a few days, you should seek professional care. You can visit our physiotherapy office where, among other things, we help with back pain.