Cooperation with PVZP Exclusive

Cooperation with PVZP Exclusive

At our medical centre, we believe that the best health care should be accessible without restrictions. That is why we only accept Exclusive insurance from PVZP for international clients at our facility. What does this mean? The client does not pay for the vast majority of procedures at our clinic.

If you have foreigners among your friends who have been staying in the Czech Republic for a long time, they certainly pay for their health insurance. The insurance with PVZP in the Exclusive format is exceptional because it is the only one that offers services entirely comparable to those of an ordinary Czech citizen. It even offers extra services designed specifically for foreigners, which can help them greatly in a problematic situation.

Thanks to this insurance, our patients have access to preventive examinations, diagnostics, treatment, and rehabilitation services in many different areas. The main advantage is that the client does not have to pay anything for these activities because we charge the insurance company directly. Thus, he does not have to deal with additional payments or complicated paperwork and just takes care of his health directly. It is the fastest and most convenient access to health services.

If you want to check if this service applies to you (or your friends), please do not hesitate to contact us. You can also find out what tests and procedures are covered and, if necessary, make an appointment immediately.

Unicare's services for long-term or short-term foreigners are specific because we offer them in many languages. If you or your friends have Exclusive insurance with PVZP, contact us to arrange permanent medical care.