Dental hygiene

Dental hygiene

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Dental hygiene for adults

The aim of a professional dental hygiene are perfectly clean teeth. Dentist or hygienist will assess the quality of your oral hygiene and identify mistakes you might do while brushing your teeth. Then an appropriate size of your interdental brush and other cleaning tools will be recommended to enable you to properly take care of your teeth on daily basis.

The process of dental hygiene includes mainly removal of tartar in all mouth parts, most commonly at lower frontal teeth and in interdental areas and purifying teeth by a rotary brush. The hygienist will also practice proper teeth brushing technique with you.
In the end of the session the hygienist will apply fluorine agent to mineralise teeth. Duration of the dental hygiene is 60 minutes.

Dental hygiene for children

The best time to undergo dental hygiene for the child is around 5th or 6th year of age. The child should bring own tooth brush to the visit and practice teeth brushing technique with the hygienist. During the session, the hygienist will also discuss sweets consumption with the child. A fluorine agent might also be applied.

In the following sessions, proper teeth brushing technique is continually practised and the child will start to learn interdental cleaning. Child´s teeth could also be polished upon the desire. Duration of the children´s dental hygiene is 30 minutes.

Home teeth whitening

Home teeth whitening takes place in a comfort of your home. The dental hygienist will first take an imprint of your teeth which will be used to create tailored silicon forms.
You will then apply a whitening gel in the forms and put them on teeth for 4 or 6 hours during the night. The whitening process is two to four weeks long.