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Dental Care

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Children Dental Care

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Dental Hygiene

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Dental Emergency

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A dentist treats problems with teeth and tissues in the mouth, as well as providing preventive medical care and counselling on appropriate oral hygiene. Dentists provide patients with both acute and preventive care.

Dental services at Unicare Medical Center are on the highest level. Our patients can enjoy professional care from our skilled specialists who will take care of your teeth and smile. Complex dental care services include dental emergency (available even during weekends), preventive care, dental hygiene, dental surgery and more. Naturally all doctors and medical staff are multilingual providing care in English, Russian, Persian and Czech. At the moment we do not cooperate with Czech public insurance companies.

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MDDr. Nima Mahdian, PhD.

MDDr. Nima Mahdian, PhD.

  • Dentist

Doctor Mahdian has an extensive knowledge in fields of children dentistry and stomatosurgery. Following his graduation of the Faculty of Medicine in Pilsen dr. Mahdian served at the University hospital Motol on a children stomatological clinic and dental emergency as well as private dental offices. Currently he serves at maxillofacial surgery department of the General Teaching Hospital. Dr. Mahdian is also a lecturer at Charles University in Prague. He speaks English and Persian.

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MDDr. Martin Starý

MDDr. Martin Starý

  • Dentist

Dr. Starý graduated in 2009 and since then gained an extensive knowledge in dental care. He is an expert in the field of protetics, endodontics and dental surgery. Dr. Starý is an active lecturer and continuously educates himself. Dr. Starý speaks English.

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MDDr. Reza Kazerooni

MDDr. Reza Kazerooni

  • Dentist

Doctor Kazerooni studied medicine in England and later at the First faculty of Medicine, Charles University. He graduated in 2012 and specializes in oral surgery. Dr. Kazerooni has experiences from the General teaching hospital in Prague as well as from his own dental practice.

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Fatima Šalamounová

Fatima Šalamounová

  • Nurse


See our references

Lucy S.

“Doctor Mahdian saved my broken tooth so I didn´t have to invest into an artificial one. Thanks for everything!”

Kim A.

“I came with a terrible pain because of my wisdom tooth was coming out. They treated me immediately and relieved from my pain”

Peter K.

“Thanks to Dr. Stary´s care my missing tooth was replaced”

How to reach the office

We accept all patients even without a recommendation. However, we know that your time is precious – please call us at +420 235 356 553 before the visit to schedule an appointment. By that you can avoid waiting and see the doctor at the time most convenient to you.

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Price list

Complex examination 1 490 CZK
Dental hygiene from 1 190 CZK
Tooth extraction from 990 CZK
Full ceramic crown from 9 590 CZK
Root canal treatment from 2 590 CZK