Do I need psychotherapist, sychiatrist or psychosomatics?

Do I need psychotherapist, sychiatrist or psychosomatics?

If you feel stuck, you cannot move from the place, the current situation in which you find yourself is unbearable, or that you simply cannot manage it yourself, it is entirely appropriate to consider visiting a specialist for mental health. There are plenty options on the market, but you can always discuss with your GP first and get a recommendation for a suitable expert. There are multiple psycho-services available, and we are bringing you a clarification who is who and who is doing what between a psychologist, psychiatrist and a new discipline of psychosomatic medicine:

Don't worry, even if you make a mistake in determining your condition, doctors are qualified to assess whether another specialist is better for your treatment.

What a psychologist can do for you
There are different kinds of psychological specializations, but they all try to help our minds. Some psychologists help patients to be aware of their condition and improve, while other psychologists guide their patients on the path to improvement. Psychology helps with emotional problems. Among the emotional illnesses that a psychologist can help us with are different types of depression, difficult life situations.

However, it is expected that this doctor will not prescribe any medication for your problems. A psychologist is the right choice for all states of mind. In case your difficulties acquire a character that requires medication, a psychiatrist will recommend you.


What a psychiatrist can do for you
Some mental health problems can escalate to the stage of mental illness. In this case, you may need medication prescribed by a psychiatrist. Unfortunately, psychological problems caused by the production of hormones, disorders of perception of reality and mood, sleep or uncontrollable anxiety disorders cannot be treated other than by supplementing the necessary hormones or by applying drugs.

A psychiatrist is a trained doctor (MUDr.) Who, after diagnosis and possible accompanying examinations, will prescribe the most appropriate treatment. Psychiatrist treatment can eliminate the disorders completely, or at least suppress them.


What psychosomatics can do for you
Psychosomatics is not a field as such. It is more of a form of applied psychology. Psychosomatics is based on the fact that the state of our body is determined by the state of our mind. For example: someone gets a rash on their hands during stress, which then disappears again. Psychosomatics works in such a way that if a psychologist or psychiatrist can find the cause of your life discomfort and you decide to eliminate it or come to terms with it, then the symptoms of the disease caused by this discomfort will gradually disappear.


People resort to psychosomatics in cases where conventional medicine cannot determine the origin of their disease, ie if you pass all possible tests and you are physically completely healthy, but you still feel, for example, persistent pain in parts of the body.


If you are not sure which specialist to contact, let us know. We will be happy to discuss the individual options with you and help you make an appointment with an exper suitable for your issue. Call our reception 00 420 235 356 553.