Covid-19 vaccination update

Covid-19 vaccination update

Corona virus lives with us for almost a year. In the previous article (23.12.2020) we have summarised information about vaccination and its availability. Nowadays, we are bringing you update about vaccination situation in the Czech Republic.

Covid-19 vaccines available in the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic uses two types of vaccines at the moment. One is from Pfizer/BioNTech company and the second one is from Moderna company. There are no big differences between them, only in its storing - Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine needs to be stored in -70 °C and Moderna vaccine in the temperature up to 8 °C. Pfizer vaccine has arrived last December and Moderna at the beginning of 2021 and is currently being distributed to vaccination centres. The third option is AstraZeneca vaccine which should arrive at the second week of February. Russian vaccine Sputnik V that has showed 91% efficacy in clinical testing is being considered as another vaccine option for the EU, and is currently waiting to be approved by European Medicines Agency.


Not enough vaccines?

Czech media have informed that there is not sufficient number of vaccines, as the government has originally planned. The decreased volume of vaccine delivery is apparently caused mainly due to manufacturers capacity reasons. Some companies need to adjust the production lines to be able to produce the required quantity in short time. According to the latest information the Czech Republic shall receive another half a million of vaccines in coming days. Jan Blatný, The Minister of Health, says that two thirds of 335 000 Pfizer/BioNTech doses go for the re-vaccination of people who received the first shot, another 110 000 doses should be delivered from Moderna, and there should be also 81 000 doses coming from AstraZeneca. “We presume that vaccines will arrive in big amounts that will allow us start with massive-scale vaccination from April. It means about 100 000 or 150 000 vaccinated persons daily, Blatný added.


The Czech national vaccination strategy

Czech government has earlier presented a national vaccination strategy showing when and how endangered groups of people will be vaccinated, however there is a delay on this.

Originally 1st February was the date when booking for vaccination should have been opened to all public citizens. The government says they couldn’t adhere to this date due to the decreased number of vaccines that were available to the date. New booking date for public is not known yet. However we can still presume the national strategy will stick to the approved system of priority groups - people who are at the most risk of covid-19 will be vaccinated first, followed by a critical infrastructure, and then public citizens. From discussions, we can expect that public could be vaccinated around summer time this year.


Can you choose the specific brand of vaccine?

It is not possible to choose the specific vaccine for yourself at the moment. The reason being is the lack of vaccines. When EMA (European Medicines Agency) will approve other discussed vaccines, it is presumed that people could choose at least a vaccination centre that have the specific brand of vaccine of your preference.


We would like to highlight that discussions about vaccine delivery are progressing every day and information change in time. This information has been updated on 4th February 2021. We will inform you about the progress again.