Systemic therapy lecture on 8.12.2016

Systemic therapy lecture on 8.12.2016

On behalf of Unicare Medical Center in Prague we would like to invite you to a lecture about psychosomatic diseases and systematic therapy held by Dr. Ondřej Masner on 8.12.2016, 4:15 p.m. at the premises of CORDEUS Center of permanent health.

Dr. Masner is a physician specializing in functional symptoms of adults and children and one of a few certified professionals in the field of psychosomatic medicine in the Czech Republic. Dr. Masner provides systematic therapy and counselling for families, family members and individuals dealing with chronic health problems unsuccessfully treated by common treatments. His therapeutic work helps clients to recover, and return to a normal life.

At the lecture Dr. Masner is going to present the concept of modern psychosomatic approach in medicine and the clinical possibilities of systematic therapy specifically focused on pediatric patients (children) . The lecture is aimed at head nurses, school psychologist and other childcare specialist who can use the knowledge in their work and consult Dr. Masner about cases they might be currently solving.

Should you be interested in the lecture, please notice us about your participation and number of attendants on or call us at +420 235 356 553. We would gladly reserve you seats and look forward to meet you.



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