November - month of a prostate cancer prevention

November - month of a prostate cancer prevention

When was the last time you went for preventive examination of the prostate? Be aware that preventive examination is the prerequisite of diagnosing an issue with prostate. Come and see your doctor in Unicare Medical and check if all is alright.

How can you recognise a problem with prostate?

Prostate cancer manifests often as frequent urination - mainly during the night, forced feeling to go to pee, issues with start of urinating, difficulties during urinating, thin flow of urine, feeling of unsufficient bladder emptying or presence of the blood in urine or ejaculate at later stages. Possible prostate issue can be confirmed only by focused examination at your GP and blood sampling that will show level of PSA (prostatic specific antigen, which is a protein produced by prostate cells).


Who is the endangered target group?

Prostate cancer appear in men 50+, sometimes even earlier. You can prevent any issues by regular preventive check at your GP that can save you possible future problems, such as difficulties with urination difficulties, incontinence or erection. 

Globally, prostate cancer is the 2nd most common cancer in men and there is 1,3 mil cases every year. In Czech male population there is 60 000 cases with history of prostate issues, annually it is 8000 men dealing with it and 1500 men dies for prostate cancer. (Source:


What can we do for you at Unicare Medical?

  • Book a focused complex preventative examination that is available all year round 
  • Grow awareness about prostate cancer and highlight the importance of this issue
  • Show global and Czech statistics 


What to expect at examination? 

1. Blood test. Your blood sample will be send to the lab, that will show the level of PSA (prostatic specific antigen) and possible issue with the prostate. Please note, there is no need for you to come on empty stomach (fastened), you can eat before the blood test.  

2. GP examination. After your blood test you will see the GP for preventive examination that consist of taking your anamnesis, that can point out cancer presence in your family history, and the doctor will examine your prostate per rectum (via anus). 

3. Sonography. On the same day you will also have a sonography of your lower abdomen,  prostate, kidneys and bladder, that can confirm possible changes in your prostate. 


Unicare Medical will inform you in 3-4 days about the lab test result including medical commentary of your GP. Price of the complex prostate examination consising of lab testing, clinical GP examination and sonography is 6000 CZK.

Please be aware that preventive examination of prostate not only show possibility of cancer but also can confirm a diagnosis of benign hypertrophy (enlargement) of prostate.  In case of confirmation of prostate cancer you will be recommended to book appointment at urologist for further medical care.


If you interested in prostate examination, please make your booking at the Unicare Medical reception +420 235 356 553 or at