How is your mental health during second phase of epidemic?

How is your mental health during second phase of epidemic?

Current covid-19 crisis forces us to take a very good care of our health, to keep higher hygiene habits and to support our immune system. Same way we take care of the physical health, we should also give focus to our mental health, that is not much spoken about. The consequences of global pandemic created many changes for all of us and it has big impact for our psychological level and social relationships. If we won't care about this area, we can be soon facing psychosomatic issues.

Complex help for your body and psyche 

Psychosomatic medicine has been established as a reaction to the current environment, and it treats the patient by looking at the komplexity of his issue. It deals with the wide context of issue, that cover not only the biological but also psycho-social factors. Doctors are interested to see not only physical and medical examinations, but also deals with the working and social environment the client works and lives in. Psychosomatic therapy offers a different type of therapy - individual, systemic (family therapy) or couple therapy. Each therapy works with the basic principal of psychosomatic medicine, meaning bio-psycho-social approach. 


When to consider psychosomatic therapy

Current changes and functioning of our life has a different effect on each person. Many parents 'are kept' home and must to combine their regular job, distance learning of their kids, all day care about kids, multiple daily meals cooking, and complex care of the household, that is not an easy task to do. Moreover if we wish that everything and everyone works in a smooth way. no wonder that parents feel tired, exhausted physically and mentally, has swinging emotions, anxiety or fears, and think how to manage it all well.


If such feels and emotions pile up for a longer period, there is only a thin line towards headache, abdominal pain, back pain, joint pain, functional issues such as digestion problems, constipation, diarrhea, hot or cold flushes, cardiovascular issues, skin issues such as rash, eczema, skin infection, also sleeping problems, fatique syndrom, gaining or loosing weight, and other health issues. 


But described issues are related not only to parents or families. Also young people living alone - singles, are finding themselves in a difficult situation. In many cases they have home offices, they are missing out on regular social interactions, cannot meet their friends or family, cannot do their standard activities. Similarly, couples are experiencing a non-standard situation as well. They are 'forced' to spend time together much more time than normally, pretty much all the time during lockdown and restrictions. Naturally, there are more discussions, contradictions, arguments, and many more topics for discussions, those which would be normally looked over. 


Luckily there are effective methods how to deal with such situations and issues. Psychosomatic medicine offer family therapy (systemic therapy), that focuses to understanding and curing psychological and physical issues for the individual taking in mind the wide perspective. Family therapist helps the family to understand their occured problems and all together implement  new changes, habits and behaviour for better functioning of the family and healthier balance. Individual therapy focuses to the client's  opening and understanding his issue, personal needs, wishes, values, personal strenghts and weaknesses. There is a method for couples called couple therapy, that deals with personal emotions and feeling while living in a partnership, harmonising of individual needs, non-ability of constructive communication and other partnership issues.  

Psychosomatics can be helpful for all, who know that their health is complex system. Our physical and mental health are closely related and therefore we need to take a good care of them both. 


How to keep a good balance

It is important to realize that our body is one complex being with a physical and mental extent, therefore we should include all aspects which can affect us internally and externally, such as:

  • balanced diet
  • regular activity or workout 
  • good sleep
  • healthy body weight 
  • sun exposure 
  • avoiding addictive substances
  • healthy working environment
  • quality relationships and taking care of them, and others

Currently, a good care of our body and mental health is now in covid-19 crisis essential more than ever. 

If you feel some of the issues described above, you don't know the root of your problem and you want to resolve them, don't hesitate to contact us at or by phone +420 235 356 553. Our professional psychosomatic specialist are here for you and will help you to find a solution to your specific situation.