Screening for disorders in children’s eyes

Screening for disorders in children’s eyes

Sight is an essential sense that develops during the first months and years of a child’s life. Adequate visual development in both eyes is important for normal vision. If a child cannot use its eyes properly for any reason, vision does not develop adequately and may even worsen.

The early detection of vision disorders is necessary to keep your child's eyes healthy, especially for the treatment of emerging amblyopia. To make sure that your child does not have any vision disorders, bring him or her to our health facility and we will check out your child’s eyes. We use Plusoptix, a device specialised in detecting vision disorders in children’s eyes, such as amblyopia, squinting and astigmatism.

The PlusOptix device also measures:

● Eye diopters (refraction)

● Corneal reflexes

● Pupil size

Plusoptix can find hidden vision disorders early enough for successful treatment. Your child may, for instance, be suffering from amblyopia, a deterioration in the visual acuity of the eye (the problem is caused by insufficient visual stimulation during the critical period of vision development). There are usually no symptoms and amblyopia often goes unnoticed until it is too late. After the end of the child’s vision development, which according to current research is the eighth year of a healthy individual's age, amblyopia is a permanent, medically uncontrollable condition. But thanks to Plusoptix, we can find this disorder and treat it properly.

How the measuring procedure is carried out

This medical examination, available for all children older than 6 months, is completely painless and stress-free. Your child sits on your lap or on a chair and his or her eyes will be measured from a distance of one metre. The examination takes only a few seconds.

The device measures both eyes at the same time, and within one session different values ​​and areas of vision are measured. The measurement is complemented by a short examination according to the child’s age, so the result is a piece of reliable information for parents about their child’s vision.

The price of this medical examination is 850 CZK. Please feel free to contact us and schedule an appointment.