Flu season knocking at door - get vaccinated

Flu season knocking at door - get vaccinated

Flu is a highly contagious respiratory disease causing mild to severe health problems ranging from fever, cough, sore throat, runny nose to headaches, muscle aches or fatigue or even vomiting and diarrhea. It occurs seasonally in the winter and an early spring. Due to its unpleasant symptoms and necessary recovery time it is highly recommended to protect yourself, e.g. by flu vaccination.

It is estimated that 10 to 15 % of the population suffers from the flu annualy. Due to its symptoms and long recovery time from 3 to 14 days the disease has rather serious effects on a person´s life. Usually it is transferred by a direct contact with an infected person or through air by droplets and thus is very contagious. Once infected, the symptoms show up within 3 days by a sudden chills and shivers.




The flu can infect all age groups in the population, however it could be particularly dangerous to children, elderly people and individuals with lowered immunity. During the flu season it is highly recommended to drink enough fluids and supply the body with enough vitamins, but also avoid larger groups of people.

One of the most efficient ways to avoid flu is a vaccination. The best time for vaccination against the disease is during the autumn months, when the body can build up an immunity against a specific flu virus. Once vaccinated, the body will be protected for a duration of 6 to 12 months. During the season, the body will be more resistant against the disease and can save you a few days spent in the bed.

The flu vaccination (substance Vaxigrip) is now available at Unicare Medical Center. For appointments, please do not hesitate to contact our reception at or +420 235 356 553 and schedule your vaccination against the flu.