Unicare Medical Center: Your One Shop Stop for Healthcare in Prague

Unicare Medical Center: Your One Shop Stop for Healthcare in Prague

Living in a foreign country can be daunting, and illnesses and injuries only make things harder. When seeking medical care, language barriers can make it difficult to convey what’s ailing you and to understand your doctor. The solution: Avoid confusion and hassle with Unicare Medical Center where our skilled doctors and staff provide the best in medical care.

Established in 1994, Unicare Medical Center is the longest running private hospital and healthcare facility for the international community in the Czech Republic. Our mission at Unicare is to provide exceptional individualized healthcare to families and individuals through clear communication, modern facilities, and timely service. We enjoy getting to know our patients, and treat them with respect and understanding. 

Prague is a magnificent city which draws people from all over the world. Since 14% of Prague’s 1.3 million inhabitants come from other countries, finding people who speak your language can sometimes be difficult. Fortunately, at Unicare Medical Center we cater to a variety of languages. We have not only English-speaking doctors, but Japanese, Korean, Spanish, German, Italian, French, and other languages as well.  

Further, we provide even more services than languages we speak. If you need a general practitioner, dermatologist, gynecologist, physiotherapist, psychiatrist, dentist, ENT specialist, or most anything in between, we can help! Family friendly, we offer care for all ages young and old. We provide world-class healthcare while never forgetting the importance of how we treat people. With some of the best doctors in Prague and the best hours, please make an appointment or feel free to simply walk-in.

All in all, we here at Unicare are ready and able to truly serve your international medical needs. With a wide variety of medical services provided, dozen spoken languages, and an amazing staff of doctors and other medical professionals, there is no one better suited to taking care of you during your short or long term stay in our beautiful city of Prague.