Story of chronic fatique syndrom

Story of chronic fatique syndrom

Jitka is a slim, 28-year-old woman. Two years ago, she had been sporting, traveling, without any health problems. Few months, however, her immunity has completely collapsed. She has had about five different infections (borreliosis, chlamydia, and others) and suffers from chronical fatigue syndrome.

She suffers from severe hip pains and has stopped working three month ago. However, her troubles do not match medical findings. Examinations haven´t proved the true cause of pain. In September 2007 Jitka comes to see psychosomatic doctor.

During several sessions, doctor finds possible links between the development of Jitka´s health condition and the moment in her life that took place at the end of 2004. The drama that occurred at that time caused Jitka´ s separation from her closest family. At that time, she has suffered of severe depression accompanied by suicidal thoughts. As family relationships are most likely to be involved in her current health problems, a systematic, family therapy is offered as a good way to deal with the case. In these cases, it is efficient to get other members of the closest family involved.

The course of treatment

Despite her obvious fatigue, Jitka has been determined to face her illness. She went to psychosomatic session with an average frequency of once every two or three weeks. After two months of therapy, she has started working again. Her health began to improve rapidly and her former energy slowly returned. December 2008, after fifteen treatment sessions, Jitka has terminated the therapy.

What to add

Without any significant change in her family situation, Jitka is finally able to see the connections between her physical and mental health and, on the basis of this knowledge, she starts to free herself from the mental pressure she suffered from. She's determined to start living a new life.

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Then you may be suitable for psychosomatic treatment.

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Author: Dr. Masner is a general practitioner and belongs among just a few doctors possessing a certificate in psychosomatic medicine in Czech Republic. He can speak English, German and French.