Even winter can’t stop the presence of lice in schools

Even winter can’t stop the presence of lice in schools

According to findings by the healthcare association of the City of Prague (HSHMP) lice can be found in school children even during the winter months. The reason being that warm clothing such as scarves and caps make it easy to transfer lice among children.


How to remove lice


●       everyday comb with a special comb called “všiváček”

●       manually remove lice eggs

●       trimming of hair could help because lice cannot live in hair which is under 0,8mm in length

●       use chemical insecticides available in pharmacies (their efficacy is controversial, because lice increasingly become resistant to these products and it works on adult lice only)

●       try substances with natural effects (based on method of lice suffocation)




How to prevent lice outbreak


●       Check your child´s hair every day when lice appear in their school or kindergarten

●       If you find lice, you are obliged to inform the school your child attends

●        Children with lice should stay at home until their lice is completely eradicated


For successful treatment, it is usually recommended to combine insecticidal shampoos or hair lotions in sequential phases and to follow the manufacturer's instructions when applying. At the same time, it is important to remove manually the lice eggs every day.