Hear the future

Hear the future

This is the theme of World Hearing Day: March 3 2018. World Hearing Day is held each year to raise awareness about hearing loss and deafness prevention. This year WHO tries to draw attention towards the anticipated growth in number of people with hearing problems.

WHO recommendation to prevent hearing loss:

  • protect your ears from loud sounds
  • seek treatment when you have ear pain
  • ask the doctor if the medicine you are taking could affect your hearing
  • use hearing devices as indicated
  • check your hearing regularly

Repeated exposure to loud noises will damage your inner ear permanently Even activities such as moving the lawn or using power tools without earplugs could affect your inner ear cells.

What are the signs that you might have hearing loss:

  • difficulty hearing high-pitched sounds (e.g., alarm clock)
  • difficulty understanding conversations in a noisy place

If you already have hearing loss, consult your ENT doctor to take steps to keep it from getting worse.


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