Friday news

Friday news

Tip for Saturday, last call for vaccination against tickborne encephalitis and redesign of our website.

On Saturday, February 17th, the International Childhood Cancer Day held in Prague

There will be a full-day program for the general public and for families with children at Wenceslas Square and Václav Havel Square tomorrow in purpose to build global awareness about the disease and to support the re-inclusion of ontologically ill children in our society. More information


Tick season begins!
Just now is the last opportunity for vaccination against tick-borne encephalitis that ought to prevent
you against this disease. Only 2 doses of this vaccine are enough for your prevention this year.
Don´t forget to make an appointment for your immunization at our Unicare Medical Center as soon as possible!


Our website has undergone a slight redesign

Hope you will enjoy it. Have a nice weekend!        Your family doctor