How to protect your skin during the summer

How to protect your skin during the summer

Surely everyone is already looking forward to soon to come warm sunny days, spending time outside, relaxing by the water enjoying our time with friends. But when the time comes remember that after the winter our skin is still pale and very sensitive to the sunshine. The best thing to do is to protect your skin from dermatological problems and avoid harming it by ultraviolet rays. Article was written by UNICARE´s dermatologist MUDr. Kateřina Fajkošová.

The amount of the SPF protection factor depends on skin´s sensitivity to the sunscreen as well as on the actual UV index values which are a part of the weather news. In the beginning of the summer season it´s better to use substances with a higher protection level and decrease it over time as the skin adapts to a new environment.

The protection substance should be applicated repeatedly during the day in a sufficient amount. The most exposed places on our skin are the face, shoulders, back and hands, although you shall think also on ears, nape or back of legs. Here the skin is particularly sensitive.


Everyday care for the skin


During the day use a low mineralization level thermal water in a spray. It refreshes the skin and prevents it from being dry. Especially during a stay in climatized area the water can be very useful. The right day cream should be chosen accordingly to your age and skin type, eventually by specific skin conditions. In the evening, it is necessary to wash away any makeup and treat the skin by a cream again. It´s appropriate to use a hydration mask once in a week.

Your dermatologist can help you with a right advice and a choice of the cream.


Care for a dry skin

For a dry skin it is better to use a lotion oil instead of a soap. The oil can be used for bathing as well, however the bath should not be too long or too warm. After bathing treat the skin by a fine moisturising milk. In a case of a distinctive skin dryness use nutritional emulsions or oils.

A special care should be devoted to legs using peeling shower gels to get rid of the ragged skin. Especially before going to sleep it´s a good idea to treat legs with a regenerating balsam.


Care for the children´s skin too

Children´s skin demands a special kind of an attention. Studies show that skin burns in childhood are a considerable risk factor connected with skin tumours in the later age. For the first 6 months children should not be exposed to the sunshine at all and be protected by clothes. Up to 2 years of age it´s suitable to use protection substances meant for children containing mineral filters sensitive to children skin.

All protection substances should be applicated repeatedly through the day. Through mid-day it is the best to stay in a shadow or indoors.


Suitable types of creams

The protection against UV-B rays is marked with a SPF value. The highest level of protection against the sunscreen is provided by SPF 50+ products. This type of protection is needed for diseases worsened by the sunscreen, individuals using medications for skin protection or prone to a pigmentation.

An extreme protection should be used by patients with a skin tumour. Individual suffering from a sun allergy it is better to use substances with mineral filter or wear special protection clothes.

Substances also differs by its´ texture. Creams are the best for dry and dehydrated skin, milk substances are suitable for treating the whole body and for sport activities greasy emulsions or gels.


Care for hairs

Sunshine dries not only the skin but also hair. Because of that it is a wise idea to use special wraps or soak the hair in an olive oil.