When and why to get the flu vaccine

When and why to get the flu vaccine

Influenza is a severe problem every year worldwide, including in the Czech Republic. It is a rapidly spreading contagious disease that not only limits the general population but can also easily cause severe complications in vulnerable populations. That is, the elderly, people with weakened immunity, patients with chronic diseases, etc.

Influenza vaccination is an important preventive measure that helps to reduce the risk of infection and, of course, the associated complications. We have prepared answers to essential questions about flu vaccination, including its benefits, the appropriate time to get the vaccine and the financial aspect of this prevention.

Why get regular flu vaccinations

Getting the flu vaccine is one of the most effective ways to protect yourself and those around you from this disease caused by the RNA virus. Regular vaccination is necessary because the flu virus is constantly mutating, and a new dose of the vaccine is, therefore, the most effective one. With the current version of the vaccine, you are better prepared for the season.

Disease prevention: Vaccination can help you avoid the flu or shorten the duration of it. The unpleasant accompanying phenomena of the flu are fever, muscle aches, fatigue and cough.

Protecting vulnerable people: Flu can be particularly dangerous for specific populations (the elderly, young children and people with weakened immune systems). Vaccination of these groups can be crucial to avoid serious health complications.

Limiting the spread of the virus: vaccination reduces the risk of infection in individuals, reducing the spread of the virus in the community. With higher vaccination rates, people protect each other, and the virus is less likely to spread.

When to get the flu vaccine

In the Czech Republic, getting the flu vaccine every year is recommended, ideally in late autumn or early winter, i.e. in November or December. It is important to get vaccinated before the start of the flu season, which usually peaks in January and February. 

Cost of flu vaccination

The cost of flu vaccination depends on several factors. It ranges from around CZK 300 to CZK 1,000 and depends on the type of vaccine you choose and your insurance company. At some GPs, you have to pay extra for the administration of the substance, so we recommend you to check directly with your doctor. People over 65 and other legally listed groups of weakened and at-risk persons have it free of charge. This vaccination is also automatically free for all members of our Unicare Club.

The flu vaccination is an investment in your health and those around you. The cost of the vaccination is usually much less than the cost of treatment and its complications. The infectiousness of influenza is enormous, and therefore, vaccination is an essential preventive measure. 

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